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on Sustainable Manufacturing

Committed to Sustainability

Alat is building a new industrial and electronics hub from scratch and its ambition is to build it inherently sustainable from the very beginning – without the drawbacks that come from legacy infrastructure. For a better tomorrow, Alat is going to heavily rely on AI and Industry 4.0 to bring efficiencies, new thinking, and new approaches to constantly drive sustainability at the core of everything it does, advancing not only the technology products manufactured, but also the way they are manufactured.

This includes deploying sustainable manufacturing, using AI to improve efficiency in production, applying sustainability measures to the supply chain, and utilizing smart building and smart factories, with a committed focus on sustainability.


of Saudi Arabia’s power is committed to be produced from renewable sources by 2030.

(Source: Saudi Ministry of Energy)


to be invested by Saudi Arabia in clean energy by 2030.

(Source: Saudi Ministry of Energy)


of solar and wind capacities Saudi Arabia aims to install by 2030.

(Source: Invest Saudi website)

Our Sustainable Resources

Saudi Arabia has committed to sourcing 50% of its power from renewable sources by 2030 and is paving the way to its net-zero emissions target by 2060.

(Source: Saudi Ministry of Energy)


As one of the world’s most intense sunlight regions, Saudi Arabia’s target for solar (photovoltaic) energy is 40 GW by 2030 as part of the commitment to generate 50% of its electricity requirements through renewable energy sources by 2030.

(Source: Saudi Ministry of Energy)


Saudi Arabia’s target for wind energy is 10 GW by 2025. Its potential for onshore wind is estimated at over 200 GW in seven regions, with its offshore wind potential offering up to 28 GW of conventional fixed-bottom installations and 78 GW of floating offshore wind capacity.

(Source: Saudi Ministry of Energy)


Saudi Arabia aims to produce 4 million tons per annum of green hydrogen by 2035. The potential for green hydrogen production is significant due to the country’s ample solar resources.

(Source: Saudi Ministry of Energy)