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Advanced Industrials
Dr. Ulrich Naeher
Advanced Industrials President
“Advanced Industrials will focus on electrification, grid technology, heavy equipment and components to bolster the industrial capacity of Saudi Arabia and the global sector.”
Advanced industrials
Structured around three pivotal domains—electrification, heavy equipment for construction and mining, and components—this unit plays a vital role in advancing Saudi Vision 2030. Specifically, it contributes to the electrification and construction sectors, reenforcing local industrial capacity. With a diverse portfolio encompassing grid technology, gas turbines, and heavy construction equipment, our commitment is integral to the Kingdom's industrial progress.

Advanced Industrials is strategically positioned to concentrate on electrification and clean energy, fostering global and local collaborations to fortify Saudi Arabia's industrial capabilities. We are dedicated to contributing to the Kingdom's global leadership in the industrial sector, aligning our endeavors with the goals of Vision 2030.
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